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Introducing our viral Infinity Hoop, the new all-in-one workout tool designed to make cardio fun and exciting! Whether you're looking to spice up your fitness routine or start a new exercise regimen, the Infinity Hoop offers a unique way to get your heart pumping and your body moving.

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Get Ready For Summer!

The Infinity Hoop features a weighted ball and advanced silicone technology, making it easy to use for just 30 minutes a day to achieve the best results and transform your fitness routine.


The Perfect Fit

Utilize the customizable links ensure a comfortable and secure fit, allowing you to easily adjust the size as you slim down and track your fitness progress.

A True Industry Trailblazer

Sold out multiple times, this innovative product is the go-to choice for fitness groups and at-home workouts alike. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, the Infinity Hoop excels at tracking progress, empowering you to achieve your fitness goals with ease and precision.


The Dynamic Duo

The Infinity Hoop and Belt are meticulously designed to supercharge your results, ignite sweat production, and incinerate calories with every move.


    Get The Group Moving!

    Turn your fitness routine into a social event by using the Infinity Hoop with a group of friends and the Sweat Infinity Belt; challenge each other and share the excitement of a dynamic and invigorating workout.


    Sizes for Everyone

    Available in two sizes—Regular (24 Links) fits up to 42 inches and Plus (28 Links) fits up to 52 inches—the Infinity Hoop allows you to detach the links over time to track your progress and celebrate your slimming success.


    Work Out Together

    Discover a fun and engaging way to stay fit by using the Infinity Hoop with a partner; motivate each other and make your cardio sessions more enjoyable and effective.

Things To Know


What is the Infinity Hoop?

  • The Infinity Hoop is a versatile fitness tool designed to provide a dynamic and engaging cardio workout. It consists of a weighted ball attached to a flexible silicone loop that can be spun around the body for an effective exercise session.

How does the Infinity Hoop work?

  • The Infinity Hoop works by utilizing the body's natural movements to spin the weighted ball around, engaging various muscle groups and providing a challenging cardio workout. Users can control the intensity of their workout by adjusting the speed and direction of the hoop.

What are the benefits of using the Infinity Hoop?

  • Using the Infinity Hoop offers numerous benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, increased calorie burn, enhanced coordination and balance, and strengthened core muscles. It also provides a fun and enjoyable way to exercise, making it suitable for users of all fitness levels.

Is the Infinity Hoop suitable for beginners?

  • Yes, the Infinity Hoop is suitable for beginners as well as experienced fitness enthusiasts. Its adjustable design allows users to customize the intensity of their workout to match their fitness level, making it accessible to everyone.

Can the Infinity Hoop help with weight loss?

  • Yes, incorporating the Infinity Hoop into your fitness routine can contribute to weight loss by increasing calorie expenditure and promoting fat burning. However, it is essential to combine regular exercise with a balanced diet for optimal results.

How do I track my progress with the Infinity Hoop?

  • The Infinity Hoop comes with features that allow users to track their progress over time, such as adjustable links for size customization and the ability to detach links as they slim down. Additionally, users can monitor their workout duration and intensity to assess their fitness improvements.

Is the Infinity Hoop suitable for group fitness classes?

  • Yes, the Infinity Hoop is ideal for group fitness classes and can be used in various settings, including gyms, studios, and outdoor spaces. Its versatile design and user-friendly interface make it a popular choice among fitness instructors and enthusiasts alike.